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Dancing to the Music

We have all heard the phrase, “dance like no one is watching.” This concept is important when it comes to teaching children about music. Children are naturally drawn towards music. Simply watch a group of children while music is playing. Odds are, you will see them moving their body in some way or another. Some children may be more reserved and simply tap their finger to the beat, while others will jump up and start moving their bodies in all sorts of ways. Children have no natural inhibitions. They don’t care if anyone is watching their movements or not. Perhaps it is time for you to be more like a child and join in.

There are many reasons you should join your child in dancing. I am sure you understand that dancing is developmentally important for gross motor skills. When your child sees you reinforcing what they are doing and having fun at the same time, they begin seeing dancing to music as a positive activity. A good friend who is a roofer Buford, does this with his daughter all the time and it is hilarious. Dancing is not only fun for your child, but it also encourages body control, helps with posture, strengthens the body, and encourages rhythmic development. Dancing can help your child better understand how their own body works.

Even beyond the physical benefits of dancing, the emotional responses of dancing are great on their own. When children dance, it is hard for them to be sad. Instead, they tend to become joyful. Imagine the memories your child will have of dancing with their mom or dad.

Music and dancing go hand-in-hand. It is simple to encourage dancing by simply turning on music throughout the day. Dance while you clean your home, while you work, or while you are simply having fun. Not only will your child enjoy you seeing dancing happily, but it would get your endorphins flowing and make you feel better as well. So, go ahead, dance like no one is watching.


June 30, 2017     0 Comments