Make Musik


Welcome to Kontakte Musik! My name is Edgar, and I am an elementary music teacher. And, yes, I know that “musik” is spelled incorrectly. I was going for something fun to grab your attention, and it looks like it worked!  🙂

I am sure everyone these days has heard that music is good for children. Well, not only children though, but everyone. Music and singing are important in our culture as well. Even from birth, parents use music to soothe their children, to interact and engage, and to express their joy and love. There are many other benefits to music with children, though.

Studies have shown that childhood musical experiences accelerate a child’s brain development, especially their reading skills and language acquisition. Mathematical learning can be improved by learning to play an instrument. Academics aren’t the only reason music is important. Music has been shown to help the mind and body work in sync. It also helps young children learn more about sounds and the meanings of different words. Motor skills are built through dancing as the child learns self-expression. Memory skills are also strengthened.

Beyond all these reasons, music brings us joy. Music is important to everyone young and old. I will be exploring music on this blog, including information on learning particular instruments and music in general. I hope you will hang out with me here!